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Pricing and Features



  • Shop Display
  • Sample Product
  • Dashboard
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash Payment



  • Maintenance
  • Backup
  • Updates
  • New Features Development
  • Sales Commission


  • Original domain setting: .com, .net, .jp, .co, jp, vs, Japanese domain eg (https://www.??????.com)
  • Security, server management: Set necessary for maintenance, backup, and operation
  • Business hours / holiday setting function: Reject orders for holidays, holidays, and after hours
  • Delivery area limited function: You can reject orders outside the delivery area and display the map,
  • Minimum order amount (shipping setting) Function: You can prevent orders for side menus and drinks only
  • Real-time delivery time display: When you are busy You can change the waiting time accordingly Example: Current delivery time: 35 minutes. Listed on the store side and customer's order list
  • Overtime order refusal function: Stops orders during non-delivery hours and holidays
  • Foreign language function: Foreign country living in Japan You can also order from people
  • SEO optimazation: (displayed at the top of the page) It takes from January to March
  • Cash exchange, credit card payment: (uniform 3.7% no transfer fee), paypay, QR payment can be used.
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